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Premature ejaculation

Last post 05-15-2018, 8:33 PM by DMT. 0 replies.
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    Premature ejaculation



    CANBERRA, Feb. 17 (Xinhua) -- Australia will introduce a brand new ten dollar (7.5 US dollar) bank note in September, in what will be the second in a series of new notes featuring tactile "raised dots" to help the vision-impaired.


    The Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) announced the currency note on Friday, which will retain its blue coloring but will feature all-new images of native Australian flora and fauna.


    The Reserve Bank said the new notes will be introduced in September, 2017, while all existing ten dollar bank notes in circulation will remain "legal tender".


    RBA Governor said Philip Lowe said the 10 dollar banknote would also continue to honor two famous Australian writers on both the front and back.


    "The ten dollar banknote celebrates two famous Australian writers, Dame Mary Gilmore and AB 'Banjo' Paterson. Their work is recognized in several design elements on the banknote, including images of a pen nib in two of the clear windows and excerpts of their poetry in microprint," Lowe said in a statement released on Friday.


    The RBA said the new note would feature "new security features" to ensure they are kept safe from counterfeiting, while the raised bumps will also return after debuting on the five dollar note released last September.


    "These security features are similar to those in the five dollar banknote issued in 2016, such as the top-to-bottom clear window and the patch with a rolling color effect," the RBA statement said.


    "Each banknote in the new series will feature a different species of native Australian wattle and bird. The ten dollar banknote features the Bramble Wattle and the Sulphur-crested Cockatoo."


    Australian banknotes are already some of the most secure in the world, as they are made from hard-to-replicate colored polymer.




    LONDON, Aug.22 (Xinhua) -- Following are the leading ATP rankings released on Monday:


    1. Novak Djokovic, Serbia, 14,840 points


    2. Andy Murray, Britain, 9,305


    3. Stan Wawrinka, Switzerland, 4,980 (+1)


    4. Roger Federer, Switzerland, 4,945 (-1)


    5. Rafael Nadal, Spain, 4,850


    6. Milos Raonic, Canada, 4,805


    7. Kei Nishikori, Japan, 4,165


    8. Tomas Berdych, Czech Republic, 3,570


    9. Marin Cilic, Croatia, 3,515 (+5)


    10. Dominic Thiem, Austria, 3,205 (-1)



    Premature ejaculation is the number one sexual problem associated with men. Most men out there are suffering from this embarrassing situation and would love to seek a solution to it. Premature ejaculation can be termed as having ejaculation too quickly than you expected or not been able to last longer to give your partner orgasm. This situation is so frustrating and embarrassing such that most guys suffering from this condition tend not to date again. But the situation shouldn’t be this worse. There are some few tips one can adopt to help him last longer in bed.

    Before you give up hope , please bear in mind that, solving premature ejaculation demands patience and a lot of discipline. No matter how long you have been suffering from premature ejaculation or how bad you think you situation is , you can turn this around with these tips.

    1. Eat Healthy foods
    The first and most important step to combat this sexual problem is to eat healthy foods. All our body organs and tissues require essential nutrients to help them develop and function and it is the same phenomenon that applies to the sexual reproductive system. Eat foods rich in Vitamins especially Vitamin E. You must contribute the habit of eating more fruits, green vegetables and raw edible foods. Do your best to stay away from fatty and sugary foods.

    2. Exercising
    One factor that can help you to overcome premature ejaculation is to do a lot of exercises. Exercises help the body in so many ways including helping you develop a strong reproductive system. Set at least 1 hour everyday to do a lot of aerobic and anaerobic exercises. You will strengthen your cardio system and doing a lot of exercise will also help more blood to be built up inside your penis. There will be an increase in blood circulation to all your vital organs. Exercising regularly will help you gain stamina and this will help you a lot to be able to last longer in bed.

    3. Prolong Foreplay
    During sex , most guys focus their attention on themselves. All they can think about is to penetrate and leave. But sex wasn’t made to be this way. The two partners involved are meant to enjoy the act. Take your time to give your woman enough stimulation before penetrating her. Most women are able to orgasm through foreplay and as such you should focus most of your time there. Get involved in a lot of oral sex with your partner; get her well lubricated and ready for sex before you have intercourse with her. If possible, ensure you are able to give her an orgasm through foreplay before you move on to the next step.

    4. Relaxed Mood
    Prior to sex , you must ensure you are in a relaxed mood. Forget about everything and ensure you are psychologically prepared for the moment. If you are scared to get caught, look for a place you will feel secured and safe to have sex. Never let any kind of psychological breakdown such as stress , depression and the likes worry you.

    5. Vary Sex Positions
    You can also use this simple trick to last longer in bed. Research has proofed sex positions vary in the sensations they produced. Do a self – test to find out the positions that have low sexual feelings on your manhood and stick to that position until you are ready to ejaculate. One of the best positions used to help men last longer in the woman on top position. Make sure when the woman is on top, you are the one who is in control and not the woman.

    With the above tips , you will be . Cheap Netherland Jerseys   Cheap Mexico Jerseys   Cheap Italy Jerseys   Cheap Germany Soccer Jerseys   Cheap Minnesota Timberwolves Jerseys   Cheap Houston Rockets Jerseys   Wholesale Pistons Jerseys   Wholesale Pacers Jerseys   Wholesale Nuggets Jerseys   Wholesale Brooklyn Nets Jerseys 

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